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Adult Programs
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Sunday Worship Service          10:30 a.m.
Our worship service is a time of fellowship, celebration, and learning
from Godís Word.  Dr. Bill Haken, our senior pastor, presents the life-
changing message of the Bible in a clear, practical, and relevant way. 
Our worship has elements of music, creative arts, and technology-
-all used to communicate and inspire.  Our praise team leads our
congregation to worship in psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs.

Sunday School          9:20 a.m.
Life-Long Learners Class
An adult Bible fellowship class that offers you a chance to discover
the Bible stories you learned as a child through the lens of your adult
experiences.  Bible books are examined in an expository way (verse
by verse), and discussion is encouraged.  We uphold each other in
prayer, and glorify God through praise and testimonies.  Our goals are
to develop faith and discipleship as well as provide fellowship, communication, and support.
Truth & Freedom Class
This class is for adults of all ages.  Join us as we learn how the principles of Scripture can be effectively applied to the issues of life that we all face.  We also explore how God's Word is relevant to our personal, family, community and national lives.  We are encouraged to view current events through the prism of what the Bible has to say.  We provide loving support for one another through prayer and fellowship.

Praise Team
The Praise Team leads the congregational singing.  They usually meet on Thursday evenings for rehearsal.
Ladies' Ensemble
This group of ladies loves the Lord and brings us all kinds of special Sunday-morning music
Small Group Ensembles
Different ensembles are always forming to bring a variety of musical styles to the church.
(see the Worship Page for more information)

Men's Bible Study               1ST & 3RD Saturdays at 8:00 a.m.
The Menís Bible Study deals specifically with issues that affect men.  Wisdom tells us to gather together with other men to study how the Bible applies specifically to a manís heart and life.  The Menís Bible Study Group is for men of all ages.  The Bible is our textbook.
(see the Small Groups Page for more information)

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