What a wonderful God we serve!  How awesome it is that He created each of us to live with Him for eternity.  Our own choice determines where we will spend that eternity - with the Lord in heaven or without Him in hell. 
At Capital Bible Church, we minister so that others may go with us into an eternity with God.  Our churchís mission is to bring GLORY to God.  We  set about to do that by ministering to people in three ways.

We are interested in reaching people right where they are.  We carry the life-changing news of salvation through Jesus Christ because God is not willing that anyone perish.

All of our teaching is based on Godís Word, the Bible.  Our teaching centers around equipping people to follow Jesus Christ.  We use many different ways to accomplish this goal .   There is a ministry designed to serve any age or interest.

Maturing Christians lead lives in obedience to their master, Jesus.  As His followers, we seek to follow in His footsteps, to become ministers of the same love we have received from Him.  Our church provides opportunities for finding that special purpose that God has for you in His family.   He has a plan for each one that yields fruit and brings contentment.

Sunday Worship Service         10:30 a.m.
Our worship service is a time of fellowship, celebration, and learning from Godís Word.  Dr. Bill Haken, our senior pastor, presents the life-changing message of the Bible in a clear, practical, and relevant way.  Our worship has elements of music, creative arts and technology--all used to communicate and inspire.  Our praise team leads our congregation to worship in psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs.
Childrenís Church
Designed for Kindergarten through 8 years, the goal of Childrenís Church is to instill the joy of God and His church.  During fellowship time, Pastor dismisses children from corporate worship to Room 119.  Children remain in the room until parents return after the sermon.  A typical Sunday might include greeting time, coloring time, Bible stories & quizzes, snack time, a Bible story or Veggie Tales video, and occasionally a brief time outdoors.

SUNDAY SCHOOL             9:20 a.m.
Adult Life-Long Learners
An adult Bible fellowship class that offers you a chance to discover the Bible stories you learned as a child through the lens of your adult experiences.  Bible books are examined in an expository  way  (verse by verse), and discussion is encouraged.  We uphold each other in prayer, and glorify God through praise and testimonies.  Our goals are to develop faith and discipleship as well as provide fellowship, communication, and support.

Children's Sunday School               9:20 a.m.
Primary Sunday School
This class is designed for children Kindergarten through Second Grade.  They learn about the people in the Bible and how God loved and cared for them.  They also learn about praying, caring, giving, loving, and witnessing.
Middle School Sunday School
A class that lays spiritual foundation for children in this class designed for ages 9 through 12.
Youth Sunday School
This group is tailored for youth, 13 and up.  The goal is to create spiritual maturity.
The Nursery provides for the care of our little ones under 5 years old.  The goal of this ministry is to give loving care and instruction through Jesus.  Nursery care is provided Sunday Morning and Wednesday Evening.

Our worship  is a time of  celebration!  It contains elements of music, the creative arts, and technology--all used to honor and glorify the Lord.  There are  times of congregational singing.  We incorporate many  styles of music to praise the Lord, the best of the old and the best of the new.
Praise Team
The Praise Band leads the congregational singing.  They usually meet on Thursday evenings for rehearsal.
Small Group Ensembles
Different ensembles are always forming to bring a variety of musical styles to the church.

WEDNESDAY EVENINGS                 September through May
AWANA Childrens Clubs

AWANA international is a non-denominational, Bible-centered youth program providing weekday clubs and programs for three-year-olds through sixth grade.  The goal is to reach boys and girls with the gospel of Christ and train them to serve Him.
CUBBIES - Designed for children in the two years prior to beginning regular Kindergarten.
SPARKS - Intended for Kindergarten through second graders.
TRUTH & TRAINING - Planned for the third through sixth grades.
Bible Study                     Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m.
Bible Study meets at the church Wednesday evenings at 7 p.m.  This is an excellent opportunity to deepen your knowledge of the Bible, reflect on the meaning for the contemporary world, and engage in discussion about important issues and concerns.

Youth Group           Thursday Evenings 7:00 - 9:00 p.m.
CBC youth join together in the middle of the week to RE-POWER!  The evening is designed to provide fun and fellowship while learning about Biblical principles to stimulate spiritual growth.  Each get-together incorporates games and activities, Bible lesson and sharing, snacks and music.  We also plan special activities, such as bowling, paintball, movies and more.
First on the list is an activity like volleyball or soccer.  Then, we take some time to hear a Biblical lesson and get encouragement for spiritual growth.  Finally, we snack together.
Word-of-Life Super Bowl All-Nighter, Bowling, Paintball, Laser Tag, Movie Night, and More!

VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL                      a week in July
Calling all children ages 3 years through sixth grade!  VBS is a wonderful way to celebrate summer and learn about the Bible, make crafts, play games, and enjoy summertime snacks with your friends.  The goal of this ministry is to reach both unsaved and  unchurched children for Christ.

Capital Bible Institute                     Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m. when scheduled
Bible Study meets at the church Wednesday evenings at 6:30 p.m.  This is an excellent opportunity to deepen your knowledge of the Bible, reflect on the meaning for the contemporary world, and engage in discussion about important issues and concerns.  Lancaster Bible College agrees to offer Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to Capital Bible Institute students in accordance with the amount earned through the program of Capital Bible Church.  Each full CEU must be earned through a minimum of 10 hours of instructional activity.

Men's Bible Study              1ST & 3RD Saturdays at 8:00 a.m.
The Menís Bible Study tries to deal specifically with issues that affect men.  Men have their own set of fears, joys, emotions, and issues.  Wisdom tells us to gather together with other men to study how the Bible applies specifically to a manís heart and life.  The Menís Bible Study Group is for men of all ages.  The Bible is our textbook.  We gather in the church library for a great time of fellowship, meaningful study of Godís Word, and prayer.  On the first Saturday of each month, we begin our fellowship with breakfast.
On the third Saturday, we usually carry on our tradition of more-or less healthy refreshments, such as coffee and donuts.
Itís been said, ďYou accomplish more in one hour with God than in one lifetime without Him.Ē
So, thereís no need to make a reservation; just show up and enjoy an hour of good fellowship!

Ladies Fellowship            1st Saturday of each month at noon
Our ladies meet to share what's happening in their lives, their food, and they enjoy great fellowship.  They support one another, pray together, worship God, and study Biblical truths. 

Capital Bible Church currently supports ten missionaries.
We keep in touch with them through letters, emails, and personal visits when possible.  In doing so, we not only help to meet their financial needs, but also to provide prayer support, encouragement, and share the news of their work with our congregation. 
Our missionaries serve in diverse fields and countries:  from right here in the greater Harrisburg area to countries such as India, Romania, and England.


Meals On Wheels
Meals on Wheels is a ministry designed to show the love of Christ through hospitality.  We provide meals to individuals who are ill or are returning home from the hospital.  We also provide meals for funerals.  Any member or regular attendee of any age can receive this service. 
Nursing Ministry
The Nursing Ministry exists to help the congregation in their care for one another by learning to be good stewards of the gift of life.  Our goal is to reclaim the traditional role of the Church as a place for healing.  We do this through health screenings and information, home, hospital or nursing home visits, transportation for doctor visits, and meals and grocery shopping.
Special Events
We host a variety of Special Events .  Our  goal is to reach the people in the surrounding communities.  The Annual Car Show attracts people from as far away as Maryland.  There is no admission charge, and there are great door prizes.
Concerts and Dramas are hosted as well.  Several musical groups perform during our Sunday School hour, Worship Service, and Evenings.
Occasionally we have special guest speakers who provide us with a host of new insights into the needs and works of various groups, churches, and organizations who are working to spread the Word of God.

This ministry plans, coordinates, and serves wholesome and fun congregational meals with the goal of encouraging fellowship and togetherness.  Special Event Meals include Brunches honoring women and men, the Heart to Heart Dinner, the Church Anniversary Dinner, Annual Picnic, and other meals by request.

Capital Bible Church
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