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Sermon Notes 2015
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27-Dec-15- Job Is God Really in Control? "Final Take-away from Job" Book of Job

20-Dec-15- "Who is the baby Jesus"  Matthew 1:1-25

13-Dec-15- Job is God Really in Control?  "A New Beginning" Job 42

06-Dec-15-Job-Is God Really in Control?  "Nature of God"  Job 40:1-42:6

29-Nov-15-Job- Is God Really in Control?  "God of Nature"  Job 38:1 - 40:5

22-Nov-15-Job- Is God Really in Control?  "Your God is Too Small"  Job 34-37

15-Nov-15-Job - Is God Really in Control?  "The Folly of Self-Defense"  Job 27-31

08-Nov-15-Job - Is God Really in Control? "Why Doesn't God Help?"  Job 20-26

01-Nov-15-Job - Is God Really in control? "Help from Above Job 14-19

25-Oct-15 Job - Is God Really in Control? "Foolish Reasons"  Job 8-12

18-Oct-15 Job - Is God Really in Control? "Better to Live or Die?"  Job 3-7

11-Oct-15 Job - Is God Really in Control? "Pain's Pressure" Job 2

04-Oct-15 Job - Is God Really in Control? "The Test"  Job 1

20-Sept-15 At The Cross  Galatians 6:14

06-Sept-15 The Last Days Series "Scoffers of the Lord's Return" 2 Peter 3:1-12

30-Aug-15  The Last Days Series "How We Know Christ Will Return Part 2"  Acts 1:11

23-Aug-15  The Last Days Series "How We Know Christ Will Return Part 1"  Acts 1:11

16-Aug-15  The Last Days Series "We Never Need to Give Up"  2 Corinthians 4:16-18

02-Aug-15  The Last Days Series "God's Word for Perilous Times" 2 Timothy 3:14-17

26-July-15  The Last Days Series "Perilous Times"  2 Timothy 3:1-12

19-July-15  The Last Days Series "When Foundations Crumble"  Psalm 11

12-July-15  The Last Days Series "How to Stand When the Evil Day Comes"  Eph. 6:13

05-July-15  The Last Days Series "Will God Bless America?"  Genesis 12: 1-3

28-June-15 A. D. The Series "The First Roman Pygmy"  Acts 10

21-June-15 A.D. The Series "Hearing and Obeying God's Call"  Acts 8 & 9

14-June-15 A.D. The Series "Barnabas: When a Enemy Needs a Friend" Acts 26-31

31-May-15 A.D. The Series "The Significance of a Nobody" Acts 9:15-17

24-May-15 A.D. The Series "Saul the Skeptic Converted"  Acts 9:1-22

17-May-15 A.D. The Series "The Dragon Dilemma"  Romans 8:28,29

10-May-15 A.D. The Series "The Pebble Plan"  Acts 1:8

03-May-15 A.D. The Series "No Stopping the Unstoppable" Acts 5: 29-32

26-Apr-15 A.D. The Series "Stand" Acts 4:18-20

19-Apr-15 A.D. The Series "Holy Spirit Power" Acts 2

12-Apr-15 A.D. The Series "Resurrection Reality" John 20:26-29

05-Apr-15  A.D. The Series "The Grave Robber" John 11: 25,26

29-Mar-15 "Why Outreach is Important" Matt. 28:19, 20; Mark 16:15

22-Mar-15 "The Open Door"  1 Cor. 16:5-9

15-Mar-15 "Revival: What? When? Where? How?"  Psalm 85:6

15-Feb-15  "God's Love Story" John 3:16

8-Feb-15 "Wanted: Willing workers"  Matthew 9:35-38

1-Feb-15 "Run the Race of Faith"  Hebrews 12:13; 1 Timothy 4:12-15

25-Jan-15 "Why Church?"  1 Timothy 3:5

18-Jan-15  "Breath of Life" Genesis 2:7

11-Jan-15 Who's In Charge Here "No Mo' Money" Ex. 35:6,7 : 2 Cor. 8:1-5

4-Jan -15 Who's In Charge Here? "Right or Left Hand Giving" Matt. 6:1-4

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