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Sermon Notes 2016
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25-Dec-2016 A Christmas Touch "God's Gift of Love"  John 3:16, Romans 6:23

24-Dec-2016 A Christmas Touch "Touching the Overlooked" Luke 2:8-20

18-Dec-2016 A Christmas Touch "Touching Your Family"  Matthew 1:18-25

11-Dec-2016 A Christmas Touch "Touch Your Neighbors" Luke 2:7; 10:27-29

04-Dec-2016 A Christmas Touch "The Touch of God"  Psalm 23

27-Nov-2016 Elisha: God's Miracle Man "Famine in the Land"  2 Kings 6:24-7:20

20-Nov-2016 PM "An Attitude of Gratitude"  1 Thess. 5:18

20-Nov-2016 AM Elisha: God's Miracle Man "A Spiritual Eye-Opener"  2 Kings 6:8-23

13-Nov-2016 Elisha: God's Miracle Man "Get Your Power Back"  2 Kings 6:1-7

06-Nov-2016 "What Washes Away Sin?"  1 John 1:17

30-Oct-2016 Elisha: God's Miracle Man "Overcoming Prejudice"  2 Kings 5

23-Oct-2016 Elisha: God's Miracle Man "Oil and a Dead Son"  2 Kings 4

16-Oct-2016 Elisha: God's Miracle Man "Where's the God of Elijah?"  2 Kings 2:14

09-Oct-2016 Elijah: God's Mountain Man "A Chariot of Fire"  2 Kings 2:1-12

02-Oct-2016 Elijah: God's Mountain Man "Lord of the Flies"  2 Kings 1

25-Sept-2016 Elijah: God's Mountain Man "Blood Lickin' Dogs"  1 Kings 21:19

18-Sept-2016 Elijah: God's Mountain Man "Burning the Plow"  1 Kings 19:19-21

04-Sept-2016 Elijah: God's Mountain Man "Angel Food Cake"  1 Kings 19:5-18

28-Aug-2016 Elijah: God's Mountain Man "Elijah's Depression" 1 Kings 19:1-4

021-Aug-2016 Elijah: God's Mountain Man "850 to 1" 1 Kings 18:20-41

014-Aug-2016 Elijah: God's Mountain Man "When You're in a Hard Place" 1 Kings 18:1-17

07-Aug-2016 Elijah: God's Mountain Man "God Needs Obadiahs Too" 1 Kings 18:1-17

31-July-2016 Elijah: God's Mountain Man "Boiling Prayers"  1 Kings 17:17-24

24-July-2016 Elijah: God's Mountain Man "More Tests for Elijah"  1 Kings 17:8-16

17-July-2016 Elijah: God's Mountain Man "The Ravens"  1 Kings 17:3-6

10-July-2016 Elijah: God's Mountain Man "Lessons from the Brook"  1 Kings 17:3-5

03-July-2016 Elijah: God's Mountain Man "America Needs Elijahs"  i Kings 17:1

26-June-2016 Elijah: God's Mountain Man "Back story on Elijah"

12-June-2016 "Why Baptism Matters"  Romans 6:3-5

05-June-2016  Holy Communion "Table Talk"  1 Cor. 10:14-22

29-May-2016- "Our Reasonable Service"  Romans 12:1,2

22-May-2016- James:  "A Final Take-away from James"

15-May-16- James: A Working Faith "Prayer Power"  James 5:13-20

08-May-16-"God Loves Mothers"  John 19:27

01-May-16-James: A Working Faith "Patience in Suffering" James 5:7-12

24-Apr-16- James: A Working Faith "Money Talks"  James 5:1-6

17-Apr-16 - James: A Working Faith "What's Your Life"  James 4:13-17

03-Apr-16 - James: A Working Faith "Cure for Conflict" James 4:1-12

27-Mar-16 - "How to Beat Death" 1 Cor. 15:57

20-Mar-16 - "God Wants A Full House"  Luke 14:12-24

13-Mar-16 - Adam Walter preaching  "Spiritual Fitness Part III Prayer"

06-Mar-16 - James; A Working Faith "God's Wisdom or Demonic?"  James 3:13-18

28-Feb-16 - James: A Working Faith "Taming the Tongue" James 3:1-2

21-Feb-16 - James; A Working Faith "Faith or Works?"  James 2:14-26

14-Feb-16 - James: A Working Faith "Love Shows No Favorites"  James 2:1-13

07-Feb-16 - James: A Working Faith "Real Religion that Works"  James 1:19-27

31-Jan-16 - James: A Working Faith "Overcoming Temptation" James 1:13-18

17-Jan-16 - Sanctity of Life Sunday "Why All Life Matters" Jeremiah 1:4-10; 29:11

10-Jan-16 - James: A Working Faith "Wisdom to Endure Trials"  James 1: 5-8,12

03-Jan-16 -James: A Working Faith "Turning Trials into Victories"  James 1:1-11

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